Invisalign Treatments


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the new technologic solution in order to solve crowding teeth. Trough this clear appliances teeth can be moved into desired position without braces.

Clear appliances are different from the other orthodontic appliances, they are all clear and invisible. They are not fixed like others, so they can be removed while eating.

Invisalign is mostly preferred by adult patients. This decision depends up the type of malocclusion, individual needs of the patient and the choise of the orthodontist. They are mostly used for mild to moderate cases.


* Invisalign is totally clear, thus it don’t affect the daily social life.braces-vs-invisalign-hero

* They are removable, so there is any restriction on the meals.

* It is painless. Soreness and mouth wounds with the braces do not exist with Invisalign.

* They can be applied at every age. Whether the patient is adult or adolescent, it makes no difference.



  •  Crowding
  •  Interdental spaces, which are wider than to be restored prosthetically
  •  Deepbite
  •  Protruded upper and retruded lower anterior teeth
  •  Dental midline shift correction (up to 4 mm)
  • İnvisalign Tedavi Süreci
  •  Dişlerinizin detaylı ölçüsü alınır veya dijital bir tarayıcı ile dişleriniz taranır.
  •  Bilgisayar destekli tasarım yazılımıyla dişlerinizin hareketleri tahmin edilir.
  •  Tedavi planınız gözden geçirilir.
  •  Şeffaf plaklar 3D yazıcıda üretilir.
  •  Apareyler hazırlandıktan sonra günde en az 20 saat kullanılmaya başlanır.
  •  Her plak doktorun önerisine göre bir ila 3 hafta kullanılır.
  •  Tedavinin sonunda mutlaka kesin bir retansiyon uygulaması yapılmalıdır.

Treatment Process:

  •  Detailed impressions were taken from your mouth or also your mouth might be scanned digitally.
  •  With a computer aided analysis program a setup will be generated.
  •  Your treatment plan will be confirmed.
  •  Clear apliances will be produced by a very sensitive 3D printer.
  •  After you receive the appliances, start to wear them at least 20 hours per day.
  •  Every one to three weeks you have change the plate according to your orthodontists recommendation.
  •  At the end of the treatment, a certain retention protocol must be applied.