Diş Beyazlatma Tedavisi


The outer surface of the tooth is covered with a microporous layer, called enamel. In this layer accumulate colored organic and inorganic material in time. Bleahing is a process in order to remove this colored layer from the enamel surface trough some agents.

There are many factors of tooth discoloration. Senility, consumption of colored drinks and beverage (tea, coffee,etc), trauma, usage of some groups of antibiotics during early stages of life (tetracyclin) are most common causes of tooth discoloration. Bleaching is very effective on external discoloration types.

Bleaching is a very safe method. It can be applied both in office and/or in home. In office bleaching (OB) is a very fast and effective way, altough home bleaching (HB) is also low cost and effective.

Office Bleaching

This kind of bleaching is applied in clinic by the dentist and lasts about 45-50 mins. A protective gel is applied to the gums, then the bleaching agent to the tooth surface. The bleaching agent is activated under blue light. Only one session provides 2 to 3 shades of whitening.

Home Bleaching

First of all impressions were taken from the patient and clear whitening plates should be prepared. Also a syrnge of bleaching agent will proveded to the patient. At home the patient puts this agent into the plate according to the dentists recommendation. It should be weared 5 to 8 hours per day and 10 to 14 days long regularly.